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Your Workplace Online dashboard is an integrated, intelligent overview of all your recent project activities. You can instantly and securely view files and folders that are important to you from here.

The dashboard also tracks changes and revisions automatically and lists comments and changes your team makes to documents chronologically, so you can see what your colleagues or clients have done and take action efficiently.

The dashboard is comprised of several areas. The file list at the top of the page will change, depending on which dashboard view you’ve selected.

The bottom of the page is always displayed, regardless of the file list you’re viewing. It is comprised of information about your account, devices, projects and team.

File list

Depending on which dashboard view you’ve selected, you’ll see a list of your Favorites, Recent Changes, Locked Files, or Public Shares. You can filter any of these lists by file name using the Filter field.

Your “favorited” files are marked with a  icon.In the Recent Changes list, you can also filter by Event Type, User, Project, File/File Location, and/or Date.

To access all available functions, hover over the item and click the  icon, or right-click the item. Then select one of the options from the resulting menu.


The Devices area lists the devices associated with your account and indicates whether or not it is online, and if, how long it has been online. It also provides the sync and backup status of the device. If you place your cursor over the item, you’ll see the link that enables you to Disable a lost device. You can also restore a device from here.

The buttons at the bottom of this area allow you to Restore a device or Install Workplace on a computer.


The Projects area lists the projects for the team account you’re currently viewing. To see the full list, click the View Them All link.

The button at the bottom of this area allows you to create a new project.

For more information about projects, refer to About Projects.


The Team area lists all the members of the team account you’re currently viewing. To see the full list, click the View Them All link.

Click a team member to view their Team Member Details.