Search the project/file/folder list

  1. Begin typing the name of the file or the name of the project you want to filter by in the Filter field.
  2. The file list will update automatically as you type.

View a file

  1. Click on the file. This will open the File Detail page:

Open a file

  1. Click on the file. This will open the File Detail page:

  2. Click the linked file name or the Open button to open the file using the default method you selected on the Document Editorspage in Manage Your Account Settings

If you have not selected a default document editor, you will be prompted to select a document editor when you open the file.

If you have configured Desktop Integration, you have the option of selecting an integrated device. This will allow you to Edit Documents Locally via Workplace Online.Manage projects, files, and folders

Manage projects, files and folders

To see all available management options, hover over the project, folder, or file and click the  icon, or right-click the item. Then select one of the options from the menu.

The menu options will vary, depending on which view of the dashboard is displayed and which type of item you’ve clicked, as well as your permission for the item.

For detailed information on all functions available for each dashboard view, refer to Favorites, Recent Changes, Locked Files, or Public Shares.Edit your account information

Edit your account information

  1. Click the Edit link in the Account Information area.
  2. Modify your personal information.
  3. Click Update.

For more information, refer to Personal Information. Disable a lost device

Disable a lost device

  1. In the Devices area, place your cursor over the device you want to disable.
  2. Click the lost device link. This will open the Disable – Lost Device popup:
  3. To wipe any synced files stored on the computer the next time it connects to the Internet, select the Wipe on Connect check box.

Only files stored in the Workplace folder will be deleted.

  1. Enter your Workplace password.
  2. Click Disable.

Restore a device

  1. In the Devices area, place your cursor over the device to which you want to restore files.
  2. Click the Restore button. This will open the Restore Files popup:
  3. Select the folders and/or files you want to restore to your device.

The items you have selected will be listed below the folder tree.

  1. Click Restore.

Install Workplace on a computer

  1. In the Devices area, click Install Workplace on This Computer.

Alternatively, you can click the Download link on the Workplace Login page and download the Workplace Desktop app from there.

  1. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. When prompted, enter your Workplace username and password.

Download the Workplace Desktop MSI file for AD GPSI installations

Download the workplace desktop MSI file for AD GPSI installation

You must be logged in to Workplace to download the required MSI file.

  1. Click the Install Workplace button.
  2. Click the Download Workplace Desktop for AD GPO installations link.

Further information about deploying via AD GPSI can be found here.Open a project

In the Project area, click a project name.

Create a new project

Members, administrators and super administrators only

  1. In the Project area, click Create New Project. This will open the Create New Project popup:
  1. Click the + Create New Project button. 
  2. Enter a project name.
  3. Enter an optional project description.
  4. Click Create Project.

By default, you will be the project owner.Open a team member’s detail information

Open team members detail information

In the Team area, click a team member’s name. This will open the Team Member Details page.