All users (if two-factor authentication is required for your login)

Workplace Online > Settings link > Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication may also be referred to as 2FA or two-step verification.

2FA is a security process used to confirm the identity of an authorized user, which (in the case of Workplace) consists of two authentication factors:

  • Knowledge factor: Workplace username and password
  • Possession factor: Either Authenticator app (recommended) or a SMS (text message)

Authentication by two independent factors decreases the risk of an intruder gaining access to and stealing your personal data or identity.

Manage your two-factor authentication method

  1. Click Two-Factor Authentication in the Settings area:
  2. Select the authentication method you want to use.

Authentication codes are generated by an application on your mobile device. Google Authenticator, Authy, Duo, or any similar time-based authentication app can be downloaded from the App Store / Play Store and used to authenticate.

  1. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete setup. The steps will differ, depending on the 2FA method you have chosen.

Log in if you didn’t receive an SMS (text) message for 2FA

SMS (text messages) can be unreliable due to issues beyond our control, such as carrier network congestion. For this reason, we recommend using Google Authenticator as the primary verification method.

If you have already chosen Text Message as your 2FA method, contact your team administrator, who will be able to reset your selection.

Reset your 2FA method

If you have lost the device you use for 2FA or wish to set up your Workplace authentication on a different device, you will reset your 2FA as follows:

  1. Click the Reset 2FA button.
  2. Click Reset in the confirmation popup.
  3. Complete the steps described in Manage your two-factor authentication method, above.

Manage 2FA for your team

Administrators and Super Administrators

To learn how to enable, disable, and manage 2FA for your team, please refer to Policy Profiles and Select Policies